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International Committee

Our Club links with the global Rotary network of Clubs (through our District, National and International bodies and by direct contact) to make a difference to those around the world who are sometimes in desperate need.
Grants and support are made available for global charities, projects such as disaster relief after earthquakes (e.g. in New Zealand and Nepal and humanitarian aid to other disaster-stricken parts of the world like East Africa, and Philippines.

We have twinning ties with the Rotary Clubs of Dinant in Belgium and Torsas in Sweden and regularly exchange visits with our friends there.

Our current international projects include:

Shelter Boxes.  These are equipped with a tent and all utensils etc. required for a family to survive in a disaster situation and are ready to be dispatched wherever in the world there is a need.

Lifeboxes. These are life-saving devices used while patients are under general anaesthetic to monitor their wellbeing and prevent serious consequences

Microfinance – lending to budding entrepreneurs, i.e. a hand up rather than a hand out so they can establish their businesses and provide for themselves repaying the loan as they are able

Shoe Boxes – Another way that people from our locality can help by placing items into a designated shoe box for a specific age group.  The boxes are collected and sent to countries in need e.g. poor areas at Christmas time. Boxes are available – please contact us.

Examples of earlier international projects include:

Nepal. £5,000 was given via the Ghurka Welfare Trust in Nepal to provide improved education and other facilities for some of the poorest people in the country

Bikes4Africa – 90 bikes were collected from the Hoddesdon area in 2014 for refurbishment and dispatch to The Gambia where children who otherwise would have to walk many miles to school will use them

 H.E.L.P.I.N.G. – A project in The Gambia. Donations are given towards providing science laboratory equipment to senior schools

Sanitation First – this is about enhancing health and the physical and economic wellbeing of people in some 200 rural communities in Zambia. 

Sand Dams – over a 3 year period, the provision of 3 sand dams in Kenya has provided clean water and led in turn to  increased food production through establishing seed banks and training

Aquaboxes, purchased for emergency relief – everything needed to make water clean/drinkable.  Stocks are held in warehouses for prompt despatch when needed by relief agencies

Tools for self-reliance – Hoddesdon and Broxbourne people gave used tools for sending to the Third World.

Collecting for Nepal after earhquake Collecting for Nepal after earhquake
Shelter Box contents Shelter Box contents
Shelter Boxes Shelter Boxes