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  • Undy Farmers' Market

    Undy Farmers' Market

    Undy, Caldicot, Monmouthshire

    The first Undy Farmers Market, organised by the Undy Church & Community Hall, was held in the Undy Church and Community Hall Saturday 25th June 2011. The event was extremely successful with many hundreds attending. Each Farmer was delighted with the response of the local people, and the event gave t…

  • Abergavenny Farmers' Market

    Abergavenny Farmers' Market

    Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

    Abergavenny Farmers Market was started several years ago by Steve Sherman in conjunction with Monmouth Borough Council, with the intention of bringing fresh produce to the public directly from the producers. It was later decided to form a committee to take over the runn…

  • Caerphilly Farmers' Market

    Caerphilly Farmers' Market

    Caerphilly, Caerphilly

    Caerphilly Farmers' Market is a local market at which farmers, growers or producers from a defined local area (35 miles) are present in person to sell their own produce, direct to the public. All products sold should have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, baked, smoked or processed by the stal…

  • Chapel Sessions Music

    Chapel Sessions Music

    Southampton, Hampshire

    Chapel Sessions is a community led, not for profit occasional music series in the acoustically acclaimed Chapel at Royal Victoria Country Park Netley Southampton on the shores of Southampton Water. Hosts John and Sonja Davison aim to showcase a mix of internationally renowned musicians of wide ranging ge…

  • Dorset Farmers' Markets

    Dorset Farmers' Markets

    Sturminster Newton, Dorset

    There is a wonderful range of fresh, local produce for sale at every Dorset Farmers’ Market.  Come along to do your weekly grocery shopping and meet the farmers, producers and growers directly. As you wonder around, enjoy the aromas of the freshly baked bread and roasted coffee beans, the col…

  • Essex Farmers' Markets

    Essex Farmers' Markets

    Wickford, Essex

    The huge popularity of Farmers’ Markets across the UK today has marked a return to simple, uncomplicated, face-to-face transactions between producers and their customers, in the belief that bigger is not always better. For more than half a century, the demands of modern living have encouraged the …

  • Hexham Farmers' Market

    Hexham Farmers' Market

    Hexham, Northumberland

    Hexham Farmers Market  is a long established market in the heart of the historic town of Hexham in Northumberland. Our producers come from within a 50 mile range of the town and they are all passionate about what they do. They make the products themselves using a high percentage of locally produced …

  • South Oxford Farmers' Market

    South Oxford Farmers' Market

    Oxford, Oxfordshire

    South Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market is an initiative of the Low Carbon South Oxford (LCSO) Community Action Group. LCSO Sustainable Food Group supports the promotion of local food as a way of helping to combat climate change by reducing the amount of carbon released in the transport of …

  • Deddington Farmers' Market

    Deddington Farmers' Market

    Deddington, Banbury, Oxfordshire

    Come and join us at Deddington Farmers' Market, in north Oxfordshire, one of the largest farmers' markets in the country. Featuring over 40 stalls, it offers the very best in local produce beer,  bread, crafts, eggs, fish, flowers, fruit, meat, preserves, ready-made …

  • East Oxford Farmers' & Country Market

    East Oxford Farmers' & Country Market

    Oxford, Oxfordshire

    The East Oxford Farmers' & Community Market is a small, friendly local market which can provide the staples for your weekly shop, all from sources within 30 miles of Oxford: bread, eggs, milk, vegetables, cheese, various meats, refills for cleaning supplies - as well as a range of other products …